Hold Harmless Age Verification

Dark Crescent Tours



I am participating in one of the Drinking tours, which is escorted by Dark Crescent and takes place in several different New Orleans drinking establishments. I attest that I am of legal drinking age- twenty-one or older- and that I am responsible for my own actions. At any time on the tour a non-alcoholic drink my be ordered instead of an alcoholic drink. I understand that any activity which includes alcohol involves a certain degree of risk that could result in injury, death, loss and/or damage to person or property. I certify that I have my own medical insurance. After carefully considering the risk involved, and in view of the fact that I wish to participate in the tour; I hereby release, hold-harmless and waive all claims associated with this activity which I may have against Dark Crescent Tours and any business in which the tour enters, its employees, officers, directors, agents,volunteers and members.

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