Undead Tour

ghostly grewscale of vampire at hells gates

Tour Location:

Rampart Tree Houses

740 N Rampart


Cost: $25

haunted tours new orleans


This is your standard ghost and vampire tour...except.....it's far from standard. No made up stories here... our legends  can be verified through ANY source.  We take you to locations where murders, suicides and heinous crimes took place and bring them from their resting places and to life again in graphic detail for your listening pleasure. We will tell you all about  documented haunting s  which take place at these locations as well. We will also delve into vampire folklore, legend and fact and take you by places where several vampire-style murders take place. You'll get to hear about those, too, of course. Plus, many sites where films and TV shows were made. We may also delve into demonology and zombies, you never know!

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