Jennifer Raven

Jennifer Raven has been a full time tour guide in New Orleans since 2000.

 Originally from  scenic and historic New England, Her job brought her to New Orleans and she fell in love. 

She became a full time guide, avidly absorbing all of the city's history, with a focus on

the macabre, the dirty underbelly, the dark secrets and the supernatural.

Her tour style is different than most in that she will delight in telling the most gruesome story with the darkest humor, in a way that is chilling to the soul.

In her spare time, she is a leatherworker, a mother, writer, artist and animal lover.

She lives in the countryside with her family.

Brian Bonhagen

Brian is a native of New Orleans.

Born and raised in the thick of America's oldest Bohemia, Brian is a veritable wealth of obscure Nola knowledge.

 His delivery is reminiscent of Ambrose Bierce, and his wit is reminiscent of Mark Twain. He sees New Orleans from a perspective only a true New Orleanian would possess.

In his free time he's an author, an actor, a stand up comedian, and a general collector of human experiences and odd stories.

Paul Romano

Paul is also a native of  New Orleans. He is a retired Coast Guard  and came home to NOLA and drove carriages for 20 years. Retired also from the carriages he just can't stop giving tours. He now does cemetery tours and terrifying night time tours.

Christie Tomlinson

Christie is our #1 guide, she does them all. She will thrill you through the cemetery. Her Garden District tour is amazing. But her favorite is the drinking tours.