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Cemetery Tours New Orleans

Tour Location:

Armstrong Park

By reservation

Private times and tours available, please call Dark Crescent Tours for details.

Cemetery Tours in New  Orleans

Cost: $25 for adults

$12 children age 7-12

free for children 6 & under.

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                     cemetery tours in new Orleans

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                     New Orleans tourist attractions


This  unique  cemetery tours in New Orleans will guide you to the oldest above ground cemetery in the  U.S.!  One of New Orleans tourist attractions a must on the list of things to see in New Orleans

The tour is approx.  90 minutes  long and begins in the oldest part of the city, The French Quarter. Our animated guides will amaze you with the city's darker history, from our humble beginnings, to our strange funerary practices, to the city.

 You'll learn about haunting s, voodoo,  before taking a restroom break at our local visitor's center. Then you'll head into the mysterious and alluring St. Louis Cemetery #1 to see the tombs of Marie Laveau,  Nicolas Cage, Homer Plessy and so many more! Learn about society tombs, Step tombs, family burials plus you'll see where Easy Rider was filmed and why the church wasn't too happy about it! One of the must places to visit in New Orleans. Let Dark Crescent Tours walk you through the City of the Dead.


Places to visit in New Orleans

New Orleans tourist attraction

things to see in New Orleans

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cemetery tours in new Orleans